Sunday, December 20, 2009


I am not sure if any of our members are aware of the accident I had on August 15th, 2009. I went for a nice calm horseback ride. Some fool spooked my horse and he threw me, then stepped down onto me, then when he removed his hoof from my elbow he fell over sideways and landed on my midsection. There are twelve broken bones, four of which are spinal fractures. I had to relearn to walk and am having a hard time of it at this point. A lawyer has been hired and we (my husband and I) will be suing the horse ranch. I had x-rays a week and a half ago to see how things are healing and found out I have arthritis in my right knee and lower spine.

I am grateful to be alive and not a parapelegic. I will have a walker and canes for quite some time to come, but at least I am here. If anyone wants to take over running the group for the time being please let me know. Otherwise you can count on at least another six or eight months before I can do any knitting at all.

Happy Christmas and New Year to each and every one of my kind and generous knitters, who gave from their heart for the love of strangers! Bless you, one and all! I hope 2010 will be a better year for all of us.

(a.k.a. The.Knitter


WCOBBS said...

Oh my gosh Christine! I am so sorry to hear of this! I hope you are mending well.

If anyone would like help with starting up your chapter again, please put them in contact with me. I can help them with what ever they need.

Please take care of yourself and get better soon!

President, WCOBBS

The.Knitter said...

The group has now been turned back over to Shandeh at She will try to find someone to take over, or run it herself until I am able to start knitting again. It broke my heart to do this, but I had no choice. Thanks!