Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sky Blue is Finished!!!

Hear ye, hear ye, oh kind, generous and loving members of the Canadian Oddball Baby Blanket KAL, it is with the greatest of pleasure that I present to you all another finished Oddball Baby Blanket. This is Sky Blue! I hope you are all pleased with the way it looks and how it turned out.

Also: Austin received his blanket, Teddy Bear Love, and I was asked to tell you all that he is very pleased with the lap blanket and the toys he received from us. He received his blanket last Friday, but I was away at the cottage so I did not get the chance to post. I did receive a text message on my cell phone telling me he had gotten his package and was thrilled with all it contained.

This is a direct quote from the message Austin's Mom sent to me on Wednesday:

Please tell each & every one of the women who worked on it thank you for me! He did smile when I described the blanket to him & told him someone sent it all the way from Canada to him.

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